Who is Nqobile?

My life story:

My name is Nqobile Mdletshe, I was born in the year 1992 on the 18th of July, I was born on a Saturday, I think this is why I always want to chill. My parents were not married so for the most part I was raised by my mother a beautiful woman whose name was Khanyisile which is a Zulu word that means light and my father whose original name was Royal was also a part of my life, he later changed his name to Roy. I wonder if he knew how powerful his name was. My Father had a twin sister whose name was Ruth, and my Mother also had twin siblings. My family is filled with twins it’s the most beautiful thing.

When I was 6 my mother brought a car and her I were in a car accident when I was about 7 and as a result she had internal bleeding and suffered from epileptic seizures from then after, I remember waking up at night to her having seizures and having to wake our neighbors whilst trying to get help. I was 9 when I first felt the pain of death and I would mentally prepare myself for her funeral long before it would actually happen and as a child I lived in constant fear. She passed away when I was 11, in the year 2003 and she had the most beautiful hands and smile and heart.

My mother always told me I was brave and at the time I didn’t understand.


When she passed away she had bought a house and and so my father moved in and stayed with me. I remember eating take- aways most of the time, which was nice for the first few days but eventually the gap my mother had left started to show and it was deeply felt. It was such a difficult time being raised by a Man especially at that time, it got worse when I was in my teens.

My father married shortly after and this would lead to continuous fights especially because my stepmother whose name was Nozipho was so young and I felt it was insensitive for him to marry so close to my mothers death. Me and my stepmother didn’t live in the same Province, she lived much further probably for my Dad’s peace of mind. We were civil but I always disliked her for some reason and she always kept my Dad happy by treating me really well when he was around, much to my demise. They had a daughter together the youngest of my father’s children. He has 6 children so far and we’re still counting (that’s a story for another day)

My father was diagnosed with colon cancer and my life was never the same. He was operated on as some cancer was close to his spine he had a critical operation done on his back which lead to him losing the use of his legs and a few months later passing away, a few months before my 16th birthday.

My father had his faults, he was alarmingly promiscuous and that is why every year one of my siblings who I usually did not know about locates me and it’s the hardest thing really to try and start a relationship when we haven’t known about each other for so long. My heart always breaks because most of them will never get to know him. My father was the strongest man I have ever met, he always loved me so well. He spoiled me with his love and I found out late in life about his name change, I wish I knew sooner so I could ask him why he did it;

I was isolated by my family and my step- mother was the one who took me in. Life is a funny thing, the one woman I couldn’t stand was the only one who supported me in all my family through this time. My sister was 2 when my father passed. I lived on my own for most of my high school life and this was the most difficult time. I was supported by the Musokes my friends family whose name is Vanessa and I just remember them being such a constant voice of encouragement. I lived mainly off tin food and hand outs. I got a job part time at a local supermarket and was able to provide for myself this way.

Only in Matric did I really start to worry because all my friends where making plans and I couldn’t afford to do so, I was an orphan barely surviving, how could I afford to have a qualification anyway. I completely disqualified myself from ever having a qualification. In 2010 a group of Women from an organization called Victorious Women in Christ, a group of women who empower young women, talking to them about hope, education and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

So I spoke to one of the women there whose name was Olga and asked her to pray and this is how I would meet my mentor and Mother whose name is Anneke Rabe. She is the woman behind me receiving funding from my bursary foundation called Make A Foundation she also spoke to my school principal Mr. Bouwer who offered me the position of being a student teacher that would be studying whilst working at the school. I received funding in the beginning of 2011 straight after Matric and in that time my step- mother passed away. In March of the Same year and I had grown to love her very much. In the end she resembled my mother in her beauty and I found that the more you love someone the more beautiful they are to you.

In the end she resembled my mother in her beauty and I found that the more you love someone the more beautiful they are to you.


When she passed my sister was 4 and I took her in and lived with her, I was 18, a teacher, a mother\sister and a student.

It is 8 years later, and I have seen the grace of God, I have two degrees, I have traveled the world (okay only London, but it counts) I am now a qualified teacher and my sister is a confident 13 year old who is feisty and shy. The most beautiful 13 year old I have ever seen.

This is my story and there are so many parts and layers to it. My life is filled with many testimonies and I will share them as we go.

3 thoughts on “Who is Nqobile?

  1. Ahhh friend.
    I’m so proud of you. So grateful to know a woman as fierce as you are. Even greater things are coming.


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