Greenway Woods Resort

Greenway Woods Resort, a popular White River hotel, is a premier destination offering a quiet place for guests visiting Mpumalanga. As the resort s a mere 30km (10 minutes) away from the famous Kruger National Park, this lodge has become the best place for anyone in search of affordable accommodation near the Kruger National Park.

Greenway Woods is tucked away in a serene corner of Mpumalanga. Surrounded by towering blue gum trees, and with the air filled with the scent of pine trees, all guests staying at this White River hotel can expect a rejuvenating stay. They cater to the needs of all guests, including families looking for a cosy getaway and tourists passing through the area and are in search of a stopover. They also host conferences at thier world-class conference centre. 

Greenway Woods resorts was by far one of the smallest hotel/ accomodation areas that I have stayed at. You would think this would disqualify it from having good service but quite the contrary. We enjoyed a wholesome dinner served by the friendly staff at Greenway Woods, we were quite central to many activities in Mpumalanga and all of this at a very affordable price. This is definitely for those who want to be budget friend and want to spend more on other activities outside of the area where reside.

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