How to shop without breaking the bank and why end of season sales are worth it

A woman can never have enough clothes! Well, that’s my opinion anyway. I have always loved different styles, I have a particularly interesting taste in vintage clothing but for the most part I love to spend as little as possible, while looking as classy as possible.

Here are tips on how to make the most of the little money you have:

1. Always go online and compare prices with various clothing shops before you make your purchase. This will prevent you from spending more at one place where you might find a similar item elsewhere.

2. Don’t only stick to a few shops, explore your options. I shop everywhere, I used to have this idea that I should actually stick to one shop but now I look everywhere and I’ve found some really beautiful items when I least expected it.

3. Combined pricey pieces with more expensive ones, your outfit does not have to expensive from head to toe, you can have a pricey pair of jeans and combine it with a cheaper T-shirt and a cheap belt, people rarely notice the difference if you put everything together well.

4. You do not have to shop every single month, some months just put money aside so that you can prevent yourself from having too little cash because you needed that one blazer that goes with everything!

5. Diversify your wardrobe, have dresses, jeans, shirts, coats and decide what you like the most but have a few items you can wear all year round.

6. WAIT FOR CHANGE OF SEASON SALES… shops usually have massive sales just before the end of a season, keep your eyes open so you know when your favorite item with be available at half the price, I really wanted this pink suit but was not going to pay close to R1000 rands for it so I waited and I am so glad I. In the end I only payed less than half the price!

7. Try thrifting a friend on mine usually pays R200-R500 for coats that would be quite costly and they always look really amazing. Second hand shops are not a bad idea if you have a great eye.

8. I have never had a clothing account, I was always too scared I’d get myself in serious debt trying to look good. So I never opened one at all and honestly I am not judging if you do, this was just my way of financial management, I would suggest that before spending large amounts of money make sure your accounts are relatively paid. I would suggest that you close them altogether but hey, I know that’s not a reality for everyone.

9. Find your inspiration, find someone who will inspire your outfits my favorite fashion blogger is Nifesimi Akingbe and I have followed her for YEARS she makes me look at clothes in different ways and she always dresses so well. She has her own blog and if you’d like to see what she has look over here you won’t regret it!

10. Dress in clothing for you, people can be impressed and that’s great but ultimately wear what you’re most comfortable in and what you find most beautiful. FASHION HAS NO RULES.

And remember you are ART dress yourself like you’re displaying what you truly are… here are a few snaps from my recent shoot.

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