Afro- Botanics Product Review

African hair comes in different hair types some people have fluffy cottony hair but some have very course and tightly coiled hair find out more about this here

I have 4c Hair.

4C Hair is:

Tightly zig-zagged kinky coily strands

Densely packed hair

Coils are similar to a 4b, but has less definition and more shrinkage

Strand diameter ranges from super fine, thin and soft to wiry and coarse

This texture is very delicate

Up to approx. 75% more shrinkage than other curl textures.


Because of this hair type I often used to get so frustrated with keeping my hair moisturized and healthy but with the following products this is no longer a mission:

1. Black Pearl Hair Juice

This Hair Juice is a water-based, has highly nutritious spray formulated with Aloe juice and Shea Butter which is great for dry thirsty hair. It also contains pro-vitamin b5 and Vitamin E as well as naturally derived conditioning agents for healthy hair that grows and is less likely to break. It deeply moisturises and makes hair easy to detangle. This Hair Juice is pH balanced to close hair cuticles leaves hair soft. You can purchase this for R75.00 at

2. Black Pearl Enhanced Moisture Hydrating Conditioner

This product helps to rebuild hair with a concentrated and super nourishing blend of ingredients such as: coconut oil, avocado oil and shea butter. It leaves the hair rehydrated, soft and more resilient to the damage styling causes.

You can purchase it for R99.99 here

3. Moisturising LeaveIn Condition

This Leave-In Conditioner has a combination of aloe vera, coconut oil and vitamin E in a moisturising formulation that helps to condition and repair hair, and add shine. Also helps with detangling knots and it protects hair from UV and heat styling damage. You can purchase this product for R75.00 at

I have been using these products and I am very happy with how they have been treating my natural hair so far and would suggest that you try them as well, they are not too pricey and are a great value for money.

I would definitely recommend that you try the entire range of Afro-Botanics products and I can guarantee that they would be excellent for any hair type. Here’s to many beautiful Afro days and to being committed to loving and looking after your hair!❤️

Remember whatever your hair texture or hair type you are Art, the most beautiful kind.

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