Why you should visit LEGiT for your summer wardrobe

I live for specials, I always try to find the best deals, so I can do more shopping. So recently when I went to the mall and found we have finally got a LEGIT store and I was absolutely over the moon!

During my last shopping trip I stumbled upon a special where you buy TWO dresses for the price of one, I was looking for a bright colored DRESS and a more natural colored dress as well and this is what I found:

This was my “bright summer dress” which I can also rock in cooler weather because of the long sleeves.

I also got a bargain for shoes, which were also on mark down going for a ridiculous price of R150.00 per pair, they had so many different colors but I was looking for shoes that would compliment multiple looks and these were my favorite:

The heel is quite balanced and it has great support. I also decided to add a few accessories and some handbag essentials:

Next time you spot a LEGIT walk in and see what great specials you’ll find, I promise it’ll be worth your while, here are a few snaps from my recent shoot. Remember YOU ARE ART.

Check out their nearest stores and current offers here http://www.legit.co.za

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