Holiday Looks: How to style a blazer dress

Dresses are a common holiday look, to give them a class elegant twist, Blazer dresses were created. A blazer which is usually more fitting to accommodate a more feminine shape and also doubles as a dress, suitable for both professional and a casual formal look. The trick is finding the right color and size.

I have paired my look with a clutch of the same color, matching it with heels and gold accessories, I turned my charm bracelet into an anklet to create the modern look you see here. Fashion has no rules, so you can style your blazer dress anyway you see fit.

Here are a few similar options:

ZARA always has a few options so does Forever New and The Fix.

Shawl collar blazer dress from ZARA

The Fix has a few cheaper alternatives, going for prices from as low as R450.

The Natural White Blazer dress available at H&M

Have a stylish festive and remember you are ART.

Life Is Art

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