What happens when we stop praying?

Hello friends, it has been too long, I have avoided writing for the past few months, even though so much was on my heart, some topics felt too fragile to share, some I realised it was best to leave untouched…

Now back to the topic…

When last did you really pray?

Not the – just before I sleep or eat or get into trouble kind of prayer, when last did you really, truly pray?

I am asking this because it is a question that has been heavy on my heart and I have seen how a lack of prayer has proved to have a negative effect on all the other areas of my life?

What is to pray? Is it only reciting the Lord’s prayer and going about our day? Is it only closing our eyes a few minutes before we eat and thanking God for provision or when we close our eyes in agreement with someone who is praying at church? No friends praying is so much more, more than just what you’ve read above.

“To pray means to communicate with God. That can mean thanking Him, praising Him, confessing something you’ve done wrong, or expressing a need you have. It can even mean just talking to Him as you would to a friend.”


Oh that we would realize that prayer is not for the elite and select few, it is not complex or outdated or overly time consuming, it is a language of the heart.

When you are really upset, angry or overjoyed, who do you call? Whose words make you feel all your hearts pieces are coming together again?

What if that person were to be God?

What if you could express everything to him in that same manner and know that instead of only venting which matters yes, but the difference is this time you are taking your case to the King of kings, let us try this, live this and pray for it. Dethrone all others and place Christ first he is always there for you. Always.

All relationships need communication to thrive, to communicate means to not only have a conversation, but to understand, to express ourselves and to listen. This isn’t always easy but we need to learn how to navigate this.

When we AS CHRISTIANS stop praying anxiety is rife, our emotions run the show and all else falls apart, when we stop praying we lose focus of our position in this spiritual fight, we start fighting one another, we start fighting more in the flesh and our growth becomes stagnant. When WE AS CHRISTIANS stop praying we start using our precious words for harm and not good we love to vent and find no solutions only getting more and more frustrated ourselves.

So starting with this simple practice everyday let us open our mouths and thank God for life, for those we love, for his goodness even when we have failed to see it, let us ask for his Spirit to guide us, to help us and guide us. Every morning before you reach for your phone start here again.

Let us reassume our position friends, let us not cower to all of what shakes the world, the God we serve is powerful, he is greater than all of what hunts for us. Let us pray not only when we are in times of crises but in everything:

1 Thes 5:17

Pray without ceasing

Pray for those who are hurting.

Pray for those who are breaking.

Pray for the sick, the ailing the weary.

Pray impossible deep prayers.

Pray when you have no words.

There is an untapped power in prayer.

Let us return to the guarding posts, of our homes our families our cities and pray to the God of the impossible to do what our minds could never fathom. He can.

This here is a reminder an encouragement as well not just for you reading this but for me as I write. To pray and not stop especially in this season.

Life Is Art

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